Concepts and Proposals for 2019

Proposal for the "Regionale" - an European Project, situated in the 3-border region France, South Germany, Switzerland.

Digital Dossier - virtual Installations - conceptual studies
The works refer more or less to instable, chaotic and catastrophic conditions (war, earthquakes, violation, injuries, scratches, abandoned places, „perspecitve jumps“) - the formal realization however is functional and ordered - conceptual and constructive. So despite my personal background creating these works, the form is as open as possible so the viewer can also see the contrary in it.
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Opening March 2019

Concept "function.anomy" - Berlin

Concept for "function.anomy" - Intermission Project Berlin
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Grant for a solo exhibition 2019

Exhibition Concept - Ionion Art Center - Kefalonia - Greece

Exhibition and artVisit Project - concept
Kefalonia_exhibition barbara_schober_2.8[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.7 MB]