Selected for the Artist Residency SPACE A in Katmandu.


Invited for the Artist & Science Expedition: Arctic Circle, Oct. 2024, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Longyearbyan

Photo credit: The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency program invites international artists, scientists and innovators to live and work on-board an Arctic-class Tall Ship while sailing the waters of the international territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole.

Artist Talk Outer Hebrides - 02/2024

Artist Talk & Meeting with Andrew Eaton-Lewis, "Dark Skies Festival", AN LANNTAIR,

Stornoway Isle of Lewis

Larnaca Biennale 2023

Selected for the Biennale LARNACA (Cyprus),

11 Oct. - 24 Nov. 2023 - my work is shown in the Pieridis Museum, Larnaca

exciting concept - contemporary art in an archaeological museum ...

"...there are potholes in the skies...

seven sunsets for a single evening and the uninterrupted moon..."


... we are the introverts of the Space Age ... scratching at clouds with closed fists ...


Etel Adnan: We became cosmic



Galerie Palais Walderdorff - Trier

"hiStoryScapes"     13.10.-11.11.2023

Unterwegs mit dem Fluxkompensator
von Zeitsprüngen, Eismonden und gesunkenen Schiffen ...
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Mit Klick auf das Bild kommt man zur VR-Darstelllung der Galerie -> auf Vollbild-Modus klicken, dann kann man sich durch die 360° Aufnahmen der Galerie-Räume klicken.


Clicking on the image takes you to the VR representation of the gallery -> click on full screen mode, then you can click through the 360° images of the gallery rooms.



Art weeks for climate and environment, participation

28.04.– 21.05.2023 - GEDOK–Forum Karlsruhe


Short listed for the C.A.R., PHOTO/ MEDIA ART TALENTS, Zeche Zollverein, Essen 2023


Residency, Mark Rothko ART Center, Latvia, August 2023


REVIEW 2022 - Solo Exhibition "Moonshots"

Opening Speech Dr. Evelyn Floegel
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Eröffnungsrede Dr. Evelyn Flögel
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GEDOK-Galerie 25.6.-9.07.2022 - Stuttgart

In the works "Battle Erasement" one can watch step by step two naval battles based on historical paintings as they disappear. First the martial motif becomes ghostly transparent, as incorporeal as a memory. Then it's gone and what's left is... well what? A landscape, yes, but not a landscape painting in the true sense. Rather, the void suddenly raises questions about the world and truth and memory and perhaps also why wars are actually the narrative pillars of our human history.

(Text by Vivien Sigmund, Gedok Stuttgart)


Title: Battle Erasement - F*u Warship
Foto object: 40x40x120 cm, plexiglass, 4 image slices transparent printed

Transparent Print (detail see above), Plexi objects (see below)

Grant: Artistic interventions

Art in Public Space-Project - Akademie X - Karima Klasen - supported by the City of Stuttgart


Workshop Program outside/in - art in public space - Stuttgart
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Foto-Credit: Johannes Rave, Akademie X