Solo Exhibition "Moonshots"

Waldkirch, South Germany, 30.10.-4.12.2022

Vernissage: Sonntag, 30. Oktober, 11 Uhr - Finissage: Sonntag, 4. Dezember, 11 Uhr


GEDOK-Galerie 25.6.-9.07.2022 - Stuttgart

In the works "Battle Erasement" by Barbara Schober, one can watch step by step two naval battles based on historical paintings as they disappear. First the martial motif becomes ghostly transparent, as incorporeal as a memory. Then it's gone and what's left is... well what? A landscape, yes, but not a landscape painting in the true sense. Rather, the void suddenly raises questions about the world and truth and memory and perhaps also why wars are actually the narrative pillars of our human history.

(Text by Vivien Sigmund, Gedok Stuttgart)


Title: Battle Erasement - F*u warship
Foto object: 40x40x120 cm, plexiglass, 4 image slices transparent printed

Detail: transparenter Druck für das Plexi-Objekt und Entwurfs-Skizze der Objekte (unten)